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Monday, April 2, 2012

Depleted Uranium - A Government Coverup

Depleted uranium is stored as Uranium Flouride (UF6) in giant cylinders.

Uranium ammunition used by the military  -  Don't worry, that is a healthy green glow the troops have.

Interview with depleted uranium expert Dr. Doug Rokke, who served as a member of the 3rd U.S. Army Medical Command’s Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical special operations team.

Major Rokke has been subjected to ongoing retaliation from Department of Defense officials for reporting the adverse health and environmental effects of uranium weapons.

As early as 1997, British Army doctors warned the British MoD (Ministry of Defence) that exposure to depleted uranium increased the risk of developing lung, lymph and brain cancer, and recommended a series of safety precautions.

According to a report issued summarizing the advice of the doctors, 'Inhalation of insoluble uranium dioxide dust will lead to accumulation in the lungs with very slow clearance - if any . . . Although chemical toxicity is low, there may be localised radiation damage of the lung leading to cancer." The report warns that 'All personnel... should be aware that uranium dust inhalation carries a long-term risk... [the dust] has been shown to increase the risks of developing lung, lymph and brain cancers."

M2 and M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles (BFVs) are armed with 25 mm DU ammunition.

Increased rates of immune system disorders and other wide-ranging symptoms, including chronic pain, fatigue and memory loss, have been reported in over one quarter of combat veterans of the 1991 Gulf War.

Veterans of the conflicts in the Persian Gulf, Bosnia and Kosovo have been found to have up to 14 times the usual level of chromosome abnormalities in their genes.

(Gulf War Vets)



TomBrooklyn said...

Depleted uranium does not glow. The title of, and therefore likely the information in, this article is sensationalist and incorrect.

Gary said...

Get a grip on your life. This is called humor.